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Johnny Doan Plumbing has been serving the Brandon area since 1969, providing comprehensive plumbing service, emergency repairs, drain cleaning, pipe repair, leak detection and more. As one of the Tampa area's leading residential plumbing contractors, our 8 certified technicians are prepared to offer you a reliable and cost-effective solution every time. We are fully licensed, insured, and trained in the latest methods for maintaining drains and sewers.

Many of our clients seek out our company when they are in need of professional and affordable water heater replacements, leak repairs, drain cleaning, and re-piping services. Whether you are in need of a dependable team to help you with a new sink installation or pipe repair for an old bathroom, we have the tools to get the job done. Johnny Doan Plumbing has been providing reliable plumbing service for over 48 years and can handle all of your plumbing issues.

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We established our business in 1969 and have provided each of our clients with the most respectable and honest plumbing services since. Rest assured when you find yourself in need of a dependable plumber in the greater Tampa area, Johnny Doan Plumbing will always be available for you. Call now at (813) 689-8179 to learn more about our outstanding services, and schedule your next plumbing repair today!

Brandon's 24/7 Emergency Drain Service

Clogged Drain Repair Brandon FL

Drains can become clogged at any time, and for the sake of both your health and your property, you should never wait to clean them. Johnny Doan is devoted to dealing with your plumbing problems as soon as they arise, which is why we offer 24/7 emergency drain cleaning services.

Our team is always ready to take your call and no matter the time, distance, or conditions, we will be at your house to fix your drains. The sooner we fix the problem, the less expensive it will be, so never hesitate to give us a call.

Video Drain Inspections & Comprehensive Cleaning

Drain Cleaning Service Brandon FL

The more we know about the source of the clog, the less delays and mistakes will occur. We use video drain inspections to eliminate the guesswork. Our team attaches a waterproof camera to a flexible rod and places it in the drain, where it transmits a video of the interior. From the video, we carefully note any drain obstructions or damages and prepare for repairs accordingly. This allows us to identify root damage, grease blockage, poor alignment, and other problems ahead of time, speeding up repairs and reducing the chance that anything will go wrong.

At Johnny Doan Plumbing, we use only the safest, most effective methods to clean and repair your drain. We tailor our work to the specific types of drains that are clogged, focusing on grease and food buildup in kitchen sinks, hair and bath items in bathtubs and showers, and mildew and scum for floor drains.

Brandon's #1 Source for Emergency Leak Detection & Plumbing Leak Repair

Plumbing Leak Repair Brandon FL

One of the most common issues we see in the Brandon area is a plumbing leak. Many times, people have trouble locating the leak, but are dismayed by their rising water bill from month to month. This is a serious problem that requires the attention of a professional. Allowing a plumbing leak to continue can cause serious damage to your home. Johnny Doan Plumbing has developed a reputation for providing reliable emergency leak detection and plumbing leak repair services in Florida over our many years in business.

Possible causes of your leak:

Sometimes, the only clue that a leak is present will be a rising water bill. These financial costs can accumulate quickly if not immediately addressed. Common culprits include faucets, possibly from a worn rubber washer. Toilets often leak silently, making them especially challenging to detect. The flapper valve and flush handle are common elements that can cause a leaking toilet. Wastewater leaks are especially challenging and always need the attention of a professional.

While some people may attempt to fix the leak themselves, the professionals always have the latest equipment and materials necessary, which they're highly trained to use. At Johnny Doan Plumbing, we hire only the most qualified individuals using the latest equipment on the market to permanently fix every leak the first time around.

Customer Reviews:

"I've had problems as long as I've lived in this house - I've made calls no less than 3 times this year for backups with my plumbing and it turns out a tree root took out my plumbing and the guys from Johnny Doan Plumbing were finally able to find the problem and resolve it. I've had 3 other plumbers out here for this same problem - and none of them were able to fix it properly, so every other month, when I flushed the toilet, it would back up - and never knew why it kept happening. Glad to know there are pros that know what they are doing - hands down the best plumber in town." Ashley R.
"This was one of the nicest company that I have had do a job for me, I would recommend them to anyone. Fast, efficient and very reasonable price. Again thank you so much." Sheila S.

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