Pipe & Sewer Repair

Pipe & Sewer Repair - Johnny Doan Plumbing - sewerJohnny Doan Plumbing offers affordable pipe and sewer repair services to customers throughout the Greater Tampa, FL area.

We diagnose, clean, and repair sewer and drain pipes using minimally invasive technologies. We will get to your site quickly and perform a thorough inspection of your problem. If a repair is needed, we will effectively clean out, patch, or replace your pipe or sewer. Our solutions won’t ruin your property or create the need for costly reconstruction.

Sewer Line Jetting

One all-too-common issue for many homeowners is a clogged sewer or drainage pipe. These clogs can build up slowly over time, often going unnoticed until the toilet begins to back up. For clogs whose primary ingredients are hair and other organic matter, the application of some commercial drain cleaner may often be enough to break this clog up and send it on its way. However, greasy clogs or foreign objects lodged in your sewer pipes can require a heavier hand, and that’s where our experts come in.

Sewer line jetting involves aiming a high-powered jet of water, often accompanied by an auger-like tool, to power through grease, grime, and any obstructions in your sewer pipes. This process is quick, effective, and doesn't require an expensive dig-up.

buildSewer Repair

For situations in which sewer line jetting just doesn't quite do the trick, like when there are tree roots preventing water from flowing through the pipes, a more thorough repair may be in order. In most cases, our plumbers will be able to thread a small camera into your pipes to locate the problem before digging, minimizing the amount of time you'll be without a working restroom while the repair takes place.

Pipe Repair

Pipe & Sewer Repair - Johnny Doan Plumbing - pipeNot all pipe repair must happen below the ground. In many cases, a clogged or leaking pipe in your basement or crawlspace can be the culprit of your pressure or backup issues. Above-ground pipe repair is usually much cheaper and quicker than excavation repair, and we will perform a thorough inspection of your site to give you only the most accurate, permanent solutions.

buildPlumbing Re-Piping

Re-piping may be necessary when you find yourself continuing to deal with the same plumbing issues each year. Often, particularly in older homes, the plumbing system simply isn't built to handle modern needs, and replacing these older and smaller pipes with large, durable ones can all but eliminate your stubborn drain clogs. If you’re experiencing constant problems with your pipes, it’s important to contact a plumbing contractor immediately to assess the situation.

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