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Slow and stuck drains are a common nuisance in any household, but sometimes the problem is so severe that even tried-and-true methods won’t work. If you’ve tried everything you can think of to clear your drain and nothing seems to get the job done, you need a qualified expert who can perform a professional service like hydro jetting to clear your drain and sewer lines.

We at Johnny Doan Plumbing have been in the plumbing business since 1969. That means we have more than 50 years of experience when it comes to providing professional plumbing services to homeowners and business owners alike! As a family-owned and operated company, we value treating our customers with dedication and respect. That’s why you can expect 24-hour, high-quality service with fair, flat-rate pricing and much more from us - just read our reviews to find out more!

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What Is Hydrojetting?

Although hydrojetting sounds like some sort of retro space-age recreational sport, it’s decidedly less cool (but more useful) than that. Hydrojetting is a process that can clear blockages and clean pipes by using high-pressure jets of water.

After a plumber performs a video inspection of your pipes to identify the nature of the blockage, a special nozzle is inserted into the pipe. This nozzle is designed to compress water into high-pressure jets that shoot against material to dislodge or break it up.

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Can Hydrojetting Damage Pipes?

Hydrojetting is completely safe to use on your pipes. There is a possibility of damaging pipes if your pipes are old and frail. If your pipes are not frail, hydrojetting is a very effective and safe way to clear any and all plumbing blockage in your pipes.

Hydrojetting can be used to tackle just about any kind of clog, but it’s particularly effective at removing sediment buildup in a pipe. In most cases, this buildup is caused by hardwater, dirt, soap scum, or a combination of these materials. This is fortunate because no other drain cleaning method is very effective against sediment buildup, which can cause damage and corrosion to pipes over time.

Top Advantages of Choosing Hydrojetting

There are a few notable benefits of hydrojetting.

Key Reasons to Opt for Hydrojetting:

  • Fewer Clogs & Drain Cleanings – Once you hydrojet your pipes, you’ll notice chronic clogs won’t come back for a long time, maybe even ever!
  • No Chemicals – Hydrojetting works entirely with water pressure, which means that you won’t have to keep dangerous chemicals in your home or risk exposure by pouring them down your pipes.
  • Cleaner Pipes – Hydrojetting can remove what mere snaking misses, namely the sediment buildup along the walls of pipes.
  • Less Mess – Because hydrojetting removes material inside a pipe, it has nowhere to go except the sewer.
  • Safer on Healthy Pipes – If your pipes are in good condition, hydrojetting is perfectly safe to do when performed by a professional.

Hydrojetting Services for Homes and Businesses

Johnny Doan Plumbing has what it takes to perform a high-quality hydrojetting service on your property whether you’re a homeowner or commercial property manager.

Believe it or not, but homes and businesses require different levels of care when it comes to hydrojetting. Rest assured, though, that our expert technicians have the equipment and know-how necessary to ensure your property receives the treatment it needs to restore function as soon and safely as possible.

Why Professional Hydrojetting Is Essential

Hydrojetting is a service only offered by professional plumbers for two reasons. The first reason is that the equipment needed is very expensive and nothing that you’ll casually find for consumers in a hardware store.

The second reason is that hydrojetting machines can be dangerous to use when in untrained or inexperienced hands. A standard residential unit forces water out at 4,000 PSI – to give you some perspective, that’s almost twice as powerful as consumer-ready pressure washers.

And while we’re at it, don’t even think about using your pressure washer to clear a clog – always call a professional for hydrojetting services in Central Florida instead!

For all emergency and non-emergency hydrojetting services, contact us online or call (813) 531-9930 today.


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At Johnny Doan Plumbing, your satisfaction is our priority! See for yourself what our customers have to say about working with us.

  • "Hands down the best plumber in town"
    I've had problems as long as I've lived in this house - I've made calls no less than 3 times this year for backups with my plumbing and it turns out a tree root took out my plumbing and the guys from Johnny Doan Plumbing were finally able to find the problem and resolve it. I've had 3 other plumbers out here for this same problem - and none of them were able to fix it properly, so every other month, when I flushed the toilet, it would back up - and never knew why it kept happening. Glad to know there are pros that know what they are doing - hands down the best plumber in town.
    - Ashley R.
  • "They came out on time and got it done"
    I had a leak in my shower tub, called all over, everyone i talked to couldn't come out on the same day, then I called Johnny Doan Plumbing and they came out on time and got it done, no dragging their feet just got right to it the way it should be, they also fixed something else for me. I would recommend them, straight up honest at pretty reasonable price. Thanks!
    - Marco G.
  • "Can always rely on them!"

    Great service. They had to fix something someone else had messed up. Can always rely on them!

    - Kathy R.
  • "Thanks for all the years of loyal service!!"
    Johnny Doan plumbing has done our plumbing maintenance work at Plummers’ Family Restaurant for over 35 years. We recommend their plumbing service to all our friends that patronize our business on a regular and daily basis. Do I feel confident recommending their services to our friends and family? Absolutely, yes. Their business like our business is family owned and operated for many years in Seffner. Give their services a try. They are an amazing family. We are Plummers by name, they are plumbers by trade. Remember, call them for your plumbing needs. Thanks for all the years of loyal service!!!!!!
    - Patricia M.
  • "The most professional plumber that I have dealt with"

    My water heater wasn’t producing enough hot water. I was considering getting a tankless electrical water heater.

    They came out and examined my heater. He determined that it had been installed incorrectly. I thought I needed a new heater but I didn’t. It was a very simple fix and he saved me a lot of headache and money. This is the most professional plumber that I have dealt with and I highly recommend this company.

    - Satisfied Customer
  • "High level of knowledge in plumbing"
    We had our kitchen remodeled by Home Depot and they subcontracted to Johnny Doan Plumbing and they did such a good job with the plumbing work that we called them back to provide a quote on several plumbing projects around our 1979 built house. When the guy came out to review the work to be performed, he was very professional and quickly provided a fair estimate on the same day. The guys that came out to do the work called ahead to let us know they were coming and they were both professional and courteous. The work they performed was high quality and showed their high level of knowledge in plumbing. I have to call out Tucker, Austin, and Kyle for the great work they did for us. I would highly recommend Johnny Doan Plumbing.
    - Satisfied Customer
  • "He truly cares about his work and his customers"
    Jimmy came out to check out my water heater. He explained everything very thoroughly and clearly so that I could understand. This is a very professional company. They sent a professional to come and fix my issue for a very good price. The other companies didn’t even know what the issue was. I had spoken to 4 other plumbers before him and I highly recommend working with Johnny Doan Plumbing. He truly cares about his work and his customers.
    - Sean H.
  • "I had a lot of work for them to do and they did it all perfectly"
    These guys did a great job. I had a lot of work for them to do and they did it all perfectly. They cleaned up all their debris and trash and took it away, too. Will definitely hire them again.
    - Nicky A.