Leak Detection

Central Florida Leak Detection and Repair Specialists

Same-Day Plumbing Leak Repair Services in the Surrounding Hillsborough County Area

Since 1969, we have helped countless people with their plumbing needs. One of the most common issues we see in the Central Florida and Tampa areas is a plumbing leak. Many times, homeowners have trouble locating the leak, sometimes not even realizing they have one, but are dismayed by their rising water bill month after month.

This is a serious problem that requires the attention of a professional. At Johnny Doan Plumbing, we specialize in leak detection and plumbing repair. Our professionals will fix your pipes in a safe, reliable, and efficient manner.

If you suspect a leaking pipe, contact Johnny Doan Plumbing at (813) 531-9930 right away for leak detection specialists in Central Florida.

Local Leak Detection Services

Sometimes, the only clue that a leak is present is a rising water bill. These financial costs can accumulate quickly if not immediately addressed. Our professional plumbers at Johnny Doan Plumbing will efficiently locate the leak in a safe manner.

Common Leak Culprits Include:

  • Faucets, possibly from a worn rubber washer
  • Toilets, often from flapper valve or flush handle malfunctions
  • Unattended clogs, which often create obstructions leading to damage in the pipes
  • Corrosion, often from older pipes
  • High water pressure, often causing strain on the piping system
  • Tree roots, which can break through the pipes

Wastewater leaks are especially challenging and always need the attention of a professional plumber. Rely on the experience of Johnny Doan Plumbing to uncover any leak in your home.

Contact our leak detection plumbers located in Central Florida, FL online or at (813) 531-9930 today!

Prevent Costly Water Damage with Professional Leak Detection

Water leaks can cause extensive damage to your property if left undetected and untreated. Our team of expert plumbers at Johnny Doan Plumbing specializes in professional leak detection services to identify and repair leaks before they escalate into costly issues.

Benefits of professional leak detection services include:

  • Early detection and prevention of water damage
  • Preservation of property value
  • Cost savings on potential repairs
  • Peace of mind knowing your plumbing¬†system is in good condition

Don't wait until it's too late. Contact us today for reliable leak detection and repair services in the Central Florida area.

Central Florida Leak Repair Solutions

Once the leak has been located, the process of the repair can begin. While some people may attempt to fix the leak themselves, DIY is not the safest or most effective option.

At Johnny Doan Plumbing, our qualified plumbers have the experience and materials necessary to fix these leaks in a timely manner so that the entire family can enjoy running water without fear of water damage once again.

Emergency Leak Repair Services

At Johnny Doan Plumbing, we understand the importance of fixing leaks fast. If it's the middle of the night, we are always available to take your call. Allowing a plumbing leak to continue can cause serious damage to your home.

We have developed a reputation for providing reliable 24 hour emergency leak repair throughout Central Florida, Tampa, and the surrounding areas.

Contact our plumbers online at (813) 531-9930 for leak specialists in Central Florida today.

Why Choose Johnny Doan Plumbing?

  • Military & Senior Discounts
  • Technicians That Truly Care
  • 50+ Years of Experience, Est. 1969
  • Fair, Flat Rate Pricing
  • Family Owned & Operated

Hear From Our Happy Customers

At Johnny Doan Plumbing, your satisfaction is our priority! See for yourself what our customers have to say about working with us.

  • "Hands down the best plumber in town"
    I've had problems as long as I've lived in this house - I've made calls no less than 3 times this year for backups with my plumbing and it turns out a tree root took out my plumbing and the guys from Johnny Doan Plumbing were finally able to find the problem and resolve it. I've had 3 other plumbers out here for this same problem - and none of them were able to fix it properly, so every other month, when I flushed the toilet, it would back up - and never knew why it kept happening. Glad to know there are pros that know what they are doing - hands down the best plumber in town.
    - Ashley R.
  • "They came out on time and got it done"
    I had a leak in my shower tub, called all over, everyone i talked to couldn't come out on the same day, then I called Johnny Doan Plumbing and they came out on time and got it done, no dragging their feet just got right to it the way it should be, they also fixed something else for me. I would recommend them, straight up honest at pretty reasonable price. Thanks!
    - Marco G.
  • "Can always rely on them!"

    Great service. They had to fix something someone else had messed up. Can always rely on them!

    - Kathy R.
  • "Thanks for all the years of loyal service!!"
    Johnny Doan plumbing has done our plumbing maintenance work at Plummers’ Family Restaurant for over 35 years. We recommend their plumbing service to all our friends that patronize our business on a regular and daily basis. Do I feel confident recommending their services to our friends and family? Absolutely, yes. Their business like our business is family owned and operated for many years in Seffner. Give their services a try. They are an amazing family. We are Plummers by name, they are plumbers by trade. Remember, call them for your plumbing needs. Thanks for all the years of loyal service!!!!!!
    - Patricia M.
  • "The most professional plumber that I have dealt with"

    My water heater wasn’t producing enough hot water. I was considering getting a tankless electrical water heater.

    They came out and examined my heater. He determined that it had been installed incorrectly. I thought I needed a new heater but I didn’t. It was a very simple fix and he saved me a lot of headache and money. This is the most professional plumber that I have dealt with and I highly recommend this company.

    - Satisfied Customer
  • "High level of knowledge in plumbing"
    We had our kitchen remodeled by Home Depot and they subcontracted to Johnny Doan Plumbing and they did such a good job with the plumbing work that we called them back to provide a quote on several plumbing projects around our 1979 built house. When the guy came out to review the work to be performed, he was very professional and quickly provided a fair estimate on the same day. The guys that came out to do the work called ahead to let us know they were coming and they were both professional and courteous. The work they performed was high quality and showed their high level of knowledge in plumbing. I have to call out Tucker, Austin, and Kyle for the great work they did for us. I would highly recommend Johnny Doan Plumbing.
    - Satisfied Customer
  • "He truly cares about his work and his customers"
    Jimmy came out to check out my water heater. He explained everything very thoroughly and clearly so that I could understand. This is a very professional company. They sent a professional to come and fix my issue for a very good price. The other companies didn’t even know what the issue was. I had spoken to 4 other plumbers before him and I highly recommend working with Johnny Doan Plumbing. He truly cares about his work and his customers.
    - Sean H.
  • "I had a lot of work for them to do and they did it all perfectly"
    These guys did a great job. I had a lot of work for them to do and they did it all perfectly. They cleaned up all their debris and trash and took it away, too. Will definitely hire them again.
    - Nicky A.