Water Heater Repair and Replacement

Water Heater Repair Seffner FL - Tankless Water Heaters | Johnny Doan Plumbing - heaterWhether you're just moving into your first home or you've been in the same place for years, it’s important to have your hot water heater inspected and maintained.

If you’re in need of a water heater replacement, the sheer number of options can make it difficult to narrow the list down. At Johnny Doan Plumbing, we provide installation and maintenance services for modern electric water heaters, and repair options during a water heater emergency, all while providing you with the most energy-efficient solutions.

Water Heater Installation and Maintenance Services

Our heating repair specialists have the knowledge and expertise needed to service any make or model of water heater. We are experts in water heater installation and repair services and will help you choose the best option for your home, family, and/or business. We offer installation and maintenance services for all types of water heating solutions, including:

  • Gas hot water heaters
  • Tankless water heaters
  • Commercial and residential water heaters

Performing regular maintenance is important for those who have hard or mineral-rich water. Over time, this mineral buildup can form a scale inside your water heater, clogging the drain valve and reducing the amount of hot water the heater can generate. By periodically draining the water heater tank and having a thorough rinse performed by our professionals, you'll be able to keep mineral buildup to a minimum.

Are Tankless Water Heaters a Good Investment?

Water Heater Repair Seffner FL - Tankless Water Heaters | Johnny Doan Plumbing - tanklessTankless water heaters continue to grow in popularity, and many homeowners may wonder whether upgrading is worth it. In general, these water heaters are a good idea for smaller to medium sized houses, as they are highly efficient. Tankless water heaters produce heated water on demand, making it less wasteful, whereas a tank heater already has this hot water on hand.

buildEmergency Repair Options

When you're having a water heater emergency, you can't wait days for restoration of your water supply, and these problems rarely tend to occur during normal working hours. Fortunately, our 24/7 emergency service at Johnny Doan Plumbing can provide you with protection regardless of when your water heater begins acting up.

Regardless of whether you decide to stick with a classic tank water heater or choose a different water heater option, you can count on Johnny Doan Plumbing to assist you every step of the way.

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